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"If it bleeds it leads, but where? We don't move on until you know the whole truth behind the crime."

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Carly's JAG father taught her to relentlessly pursue what she believed to be right, as her family moved around the world to settle in Bethesda, MD. Carly earned a journalism degree at UCLA. She interned with Testing 1, 2,3... host Jesse Morley before becoming a 3-time Emmy winning crime reporter on the Metro Police beat at WBLD-DC, then joining CrimeTime24-7.

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Rico started his career as a criminal lawyer's private eye, then turned his trained investigative skills to TV news at KLAT in Baltimore - America's murder capitol.  Rick worked the Police Beat for 12 years, then became KLAT's anchor for 3 years  before joining CrimeTime24-7 as Senior Reporter and quarterback of America's only full-time, all crime news team.

"I've been in the crime-reporting business my entire career and business has never been better."
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Kwame grew up in Harlem, New York City, where he excelled in writing and won a scholarship to Columbia Journalism School.  He worked as a partner to the renowned TV crime reporter Jim Gatesby on WOY-TV New York, winning many Emmys for their stories before coming to Florida to join the CrimeTime24-7 team.


"This isn't a job for me - it's a daily tournament to separate fact from fiction and sometimes speak truth to power." 

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Angela grew up in Miami, where her father was a Police Officer.  She began her career as a TV reporter for Wolfe Media, then won Emmys for her reporting at KRMI and KTOP, winning  the Anchor desk at Wolfe Station WTCN for 4 years and another Emmy before joining the CrimeTime24-7 team.



"I've seen crime from all sides, and I know what people want  most in their hearts - Justice."

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