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               SNIPER SENDING MESSAGE?                               

In Hawkins And Bogert Shootings, Sniper's Notes Blame Victim's 

         Own Laws And Loopholes For Untraceable Gun/Buyer 


Rooftop of Building Where Bogert Shooter Hid, Left

Rifle And Note, And Escaped Police Moments Later

Note Reads: "Can't Find me?

Thank Bob For The 40%" -

 EXCLUSIVE:  Top cop at Capitol Protection Force Lee Shelby admits serial sniper escaped last crime scene.  Law Enforcement sources closest to the investigation also confirm that the so-called Gun Safety Sniper is motivated to stop passage of the controversial Student Self-Defense Act in Florida by any means. The note attached to the rifle used to shoot Hawkins and left on the rooftop refers to the inability to trace the gun to its actual buyer/user under the commonly-known "Hawkins Loophole" because it was bought at a gun show from a private party without a paperwork trail. Watch CrimeTime24/7 for details and breaking news direct from Tallahassee with Carly Travis.
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